Bundjel Retreat

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    Bundjel Eco Retreat is to be designed to the highest standards for ecological sustainable development. It will achieve a five star energy rating and a four star accommodation rating. The development aims to be a benchmark for sustainable development.


    The primary principals will be :

    • Siting of units to avoid removal of large native trees.
    • Orientation of units to maximise northern sunlight
    • Design of units to maximise passive solar principals and achieve a 5 star energy rating.
    • Use construction methods that suits the terrain and limits excavation to a minimum.
    • Utilize energy systems that minimises the production of green house gasses and follows renewable energy principals.
    • Install waste disposal Systems that minimises water use and waster disposal impact.
    • Use materials that are from sustainable sources and or are recycled.
    • Maximise natural lighting, natural heating, minimal heat loss and minimal heat gain in winter.
    • Re-vegetation of the site with indigenous plants
    • Finishes to be of low toxicity and sympathetic to the natural environment.
    • Identify the cultural significance of the aboriginal inhabitants.
    • Provide an educational experience of the aboriginal bush tucker.
    • Provide an educational experience for all visitors of aboriginal way of life.

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